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The CTFTC Advantage
Choosing a flight school

Choice of the right flight training school is the first step on your way to becoming a competent Private Pilot or Professional Pilot, and is one of the most important decisions you will take.

There is no casual approach to learning to fly, and a successful flying career is only possible by sourcing the best possible training during the formative hours of aviation training.

It is the core objective of CTFTC to provide the best possible foundation for our student pilots from Day 1. We will take no shortcuts, and we will leave nothing to chance.

Flight Safety

Your safety is of paramount importance and it will not be compromised at Fisantekraal: no wake turbulence or jet-wash from airliners and no limiting noise abatement procedures. Four certified and Licenced concrete runways are wide, comparatively long and accept all prevailing wind directions. All runway overshoots have safe emergency landing areas.

Unlike some training organisations, CTFTC does not utilise non-certified (experimental) aircraft for your flight training. CTFTC utilises only aircraft which are fully certified by the FAA (USA) and the SACAA (South Africa). This brings you the protection of the same controls over aircraft construction and maintenance standards that are applied to large commercial aircraft.


- We put you first.
- We take you further.
- We save you time.
- We save you money.

We put you first

We promise personal attention. Your course of training will be tailored around your time availability and your financial constraints.

We take you further

No shortcuts will be taken in preparing you to meet and exceed the required standards. PPL candidates will follow the same ab-initio syllabus as those going on to professional flying. Participate in our WINGMAN Programme to get the most from your professional training. Join the flying elite through our PPL PLUS programme. If you’re serious about flying like we are, then CTFTC is the only proper choice.

We save you time

Flying training is absolutely constrained by weather conditions. However, very often and by merit of our location at Fisantekraal, we keep flying when most other facilities suffer from coastal fog. By merit of the multiple runway configurations at Fisantekraal, we keep flying when safe training at other, single runway facilities must stop due to string crosswinds.

We save you money

You will spend less training with CTFTC at Fisantekraal airfield. Here’s why-
- No costly holding for large commercial traffic
- We’re situated right next to Cape Town International for when it’s time to expose you to mixed
   traffic and complete Instrument Flying training. No costly time wasted in transit.
- We’re also situated right next to the General Flying Area: again, no costly time wasted in transit.

One Stop Shop

At CTFTC you will find everything you need to go all the way to the Multi-Engine CPL/IR.
Our facilities include:

- A fully equipped and Licenced online examination room, where students can write their PPL,
   night rating and instructor’s exams.
- A flight shop where students can purchase all necessary equipment and books required
   during their training.

WINGMAN Programme

- The Wingman Programme is for all professional licences and ratings.
- You will pair up with a student at the same phase of training and fly all instructional sorties,
   when possible, and attend all briefings, together.
- This provides the student with twice the training, and therefore accelerates learning to ensure the
   student passes flight tests first time, leading to better and quicker employment opportunities.

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