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Instrument Rating
The Instrument Rating qualifies the Pilot to fly with sole reference to instruments under Instrument Flight Regulations (IFR) as would be required in Instrument Meteorological Conditions (IMC).

The prospective student must:

- Be in possession of a valid PPL.
- Have completed the Night Rating course.
- Obtain a General Radio operators Licence. (Course provided).
- Pass the CAA prescribed theoretical examinations (6). - Have accumulated a minimum of 100 hours
  pilot-in-command (PIC)(of which 50 hours must be cross-country experience and a further 40 hours
  of instrument flying (IF) of which 20 may be undertaken on CAA-approved flight simulators).
- Pass a practical flight test with a CAA examiner.

Renewal of the instrument rating requires maintaining a valid Pilot Licence by passing an annual flight test.

to complete your IF rating at CTFTC

- CTFTC operate several fully IFR equipped aircraft allowing us to practice actual NDB, VOR
  and ILS approaches where many flying schools can only simulate them in a simulator.
- All navigation facilities are in close proximity to our home airfield (FAFK).
- Being based at FAFK, we can be established on the FACT ILS within 10 min of take off.
  This is not even possible for aircraft based at Cape Town International.
- Proprietary training approaches allow us to practice uninterrupted when Cape Town ATC is busy.
- Wide open areas to practice simulated approaches clear of high terrain within a structured
  environment under the supervision of a qualified Grade II flight instructor.


Join now. Applications are accepted throughout the year. Contact us for an application form.
Official Accreditation
Cape Town Flight Training Centre (CTFTC) is a licensed Aviation Training Organisation (ATO) of the South African Civil Aviation Authority (SACAA). We are required to conform to international standards as set out by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) and must pass formal audit by the SACAA on an annual basis. The SACAA is in turn audited by the FAA (USA) and EASA (European) authorities.

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