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Commercial Pilot Licence (CPL)
Imagine making a career of your dream to fly. Meeting new people every day and admiring beautiful landscapes and views from your office: the flight deck of an aircraft!

The Commercial Pilot Licence combined with the Instrument Rating fully qualifies you as a Professional Pilot ready to transport/charter passengers and/or cargo, or undertake technical flying (e.g. surveying or aerial photography) in return for monetary reward.

The licence permits you to convert onto and command a variety of aeroplanes. Consider furthering your training to include a Multi-Engine Rating and/or an Instructor Rating, both of which are offered by CTFTC.

Requirements for Commercial Pilot training

- Min age 18 years
- Hold a Private Pilot Licence (PPL) (Click here to see Private Pilot Licence for requirements)

Commercial Pilot Licence training syllabus

- Min 200 flying hours
- Night Rating
- Instrument Rating (bad weather flying)
- 8 Examination Subjects
           - Aircraft Technical and General
           - Flight Planning and Performance
           - Air Law
           - Navigation
           - Instruments
           - Radio Aids and Communication
           - Meteorology
           - Human Performance and Limitations
- General Radio Telephony Communication Licence
- Pass a Practical Flight Test

Duration of training

As a dedicated full time student, you will complete the Commercial Pilot Licence in 1 year. The more you self-study, the quicker (and more cheaply) you will complete the licence and attain your goal.

If you are unwilling or unable to study and train full time we will be happy to customize your training course based on your specific requirements and availability.

you should complete your CPL at CTFTC

- At CTFTC, the hour building and skills development phases are continuously mentored by a
  dedicated Qualified Flying Instructor. A prescribed syllabus and scheduled dual checks throughout
  the hour building phase ensure that the undergraduate’s skills are continuously improving and
  that every hour is being spent productively. CTFTC Commercial Pilots pass their final skills test
  with ease and are sought after by commercial employer(s).

- The Instrument Rating syllabus may be integrated with the Commercial Licence hour building
  and skills development phases.

- As there is no holding time or transit time when operating at FAFK, maximum value and productivity
  is derived from every hour spent during your hour building and skills development phase.
  Skills development is optimised due to the multiple runway layout.

- The optional Wingman Programme enables the developing Commercial Pilot undergraduate
  to observe and learn from other undergraduates.

- One-Stop-Shop. The CPL Ground School is presented on campus at CTFTC by expert instructors
  in a modern, purpose built, air conditioned classroom environment and is correctly integrated
  with your practical flying training.

- As all ab-initio and professional flight training at CTFTC is performed on type certificated aircraft, all
  of your flying hours will be Internationally recognised as contributing towards your
  Commercial Pilot Licence.


Join now. Applications are accepted throughout the year. Contact us for an application form.
Official Accreditation
Cape Town Flight Training Centre (CTFTC) is a licensed Aviation Training Organisation (ATO) of the South African Civil Aviation Authority (SACAA). We are required to conform to international standards as set out by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) and must pass formal audit by the SACAA on an annual basis. The SACAA is in turn audited by the FAA (USA) and EASA (European) authorities.

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